Private Management

Siddhartha-AM offers Wealth Management and discretionary Portfolio Management services to accredited clients.

The Management team at Siddhartha-AM has deep expertise in global capital Markets. This expertise is leveraged to offer wealth management solutions to accredited clients.

A holistic global approach, yet personalised to the clients needs of safety, returns , liquidity , diversification is offered as a long term and customised solution for investing.

Investment approach :
    -Best of Class

Siddhartha-AM's investment principles remain more than ever in sync with its DNA: investing in companies that are leaders in their field, enjoy large market capitalization in order to ensure the safety of the portfolio, have an ability to sustain growth through internally generated operating cashflows and have almost no existential risk.

Siddhartha-AM Asset Management attempts to identify and invest in Best in class businesses across the globe for its clients.

In addition to its wealth management clients, Siddhartha-AM is an advisor for IFAs and private managers.